Sunday, October 30, 2011

For Alexi Wasser from imboycrazy.com and her google alert.
Alexi Wasser has a blog and a radio show which is technically a podcast but tune in,see for yourself ,
 she will be excited to tell you the detailed distinction herself.
I got hooked instantly when I discovered all the great simple, videos she has interviewing guy, for all kind of tastes with simple questions.Amazed by the truth full answers she gets.
After I went trough half of them in one night, kind of what I ´ve been doing with 
 " How I met your mother"...I still wanted more, so I kept on checking to find more " boy toy" (no offence) videos...when I stumbled on her radio show,ahem sorry podcast.
( a good new one for blind leading the blind: I think you should totally start saying 
: "As if!" all the time , just for fun..90´s revival and all you know...)
When I listen to her radio show I always have the feeling she is channeling my inner voice...and I laugh..alone..out loud, yea creepy I know,haha
and I love it!
Then the whole "radio show" troughs me back to when I was 12 or 13 years old and all my school year had discovered this radio show that went from 22.00-00.00 or maybe even later..and I remember being awake , hiding under my bedsheets hoping they would cover up the volume and listen to the show , it was called " en tu casa en la mia" translated to something like " My place or yours?". The next day everybody (who was cool , obviously ...hello ?!?) would exchange the new naughty lessons we had learned and discuss the crazy callers that had appeared on the show the night before.
Well Alexi, you seem to love Halloween, this is what I wore last year which turns this post in to  a `remember´ to the great fucking party at Quentin´s house.
Legen-wait for it-dary ( i know it´s getting old , guilty pleasures are hard to quit)


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