Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A recurrent theme

A recurrent theme

in my mind,

your hands through my hair,

my hands on your skin,

your hands,

your fingers,

your ring,

that is mine,

in my mind

this summer.

Your body pulling my body close,

your touch warming my skin,

my legs ,

your legs,

our legs,


a monster,

in his mind.

Wrapping my legs around you,

my fingers around yours,

my lips 

around your lips,

your eyes staring into mine,

my eyes looking back at yours,

searching ...

for an answer.

Hearing it 

from my heart beat,

knowing  it

from your heart beat.

There is no world 

outside this world,

for this moment in time,

there in no existence of time

but slow motion

in this infinite space,

that breaths 

in this embrace.

And than just words;

that reveal your intelligence

and you real intentions,

that you have been denying

for for ever ago:

you don´t say : Don´t go !

you say : Stay !

a recurrent theme,

in my mind,

you and I .

A recurrent theme,

in my mind .


in my mind,

recurrent theme.


all time long.





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